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Are you relocating and feeling stressed about selling?

Sell your home quickly with Wedgewood Homes!

  • Sell your home “as is”.
  • Skip the hassle of cleaning, showings and repairs.
  • Move when it’s right for you, with a custom closing schedule.

Are you relocating?

79% of sellers say that a life event influenced their decision to move. You might be beginning an incredible new adventure.

Maybe you have a new job opportunity in another state, so you’re relocating. Or, perhaps you’re ready for a fresh start, and you’re moving to a new location. Whatever the reason, you’re moving and need to sell your house.

While change can be exciting, selling your house is not. It’s a difficult task that brings many challenges.


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You might find yourself relocating, even if you weren’t planning it. This means you may have deferred renovations. Now you need to worry about updates and fixes before you can sell your house.

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You may need to sell your home quickly, and the offers aren’t coming in. If you’re on a tight deadline to sell, a lack of offers will have you sweating.

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Right now, you’re planning a cross-country move, but unfortunately, those tasks on top of selling your house can feel insurmountable.

Instead of stressing, sell directly to Wedgewood Homes.

We believe that selling a house does not need to be complicated. However, the confusion, uncertainty, and financial pressure you are under when choosing to make a big life change can feel overwhelming. We simplify the process of selling your house so you can focus on the next chapter.

You’ve looked for solutions:

Hiring a real estate agent who can’t control the time your house is on the market(even if they wish they could!).

Getting an automated valuation of your home that — as it turns out — isn’t accurate

Now you can try something better: Wedgewood Homes.

We help you sell quickly, relieving you of the stress of uncertainty.

We simplify the selling process with no repairs, staging, or showings, just cash.

We are honest, offering complete transparency of our process, and you can expect us to execute the contract as promised.

We buy homes in any condition, on your terms.
No repairs. No fees. No hassle!

We solve real estate problems.

Your client's situation may be unique, and we specialize in finding creative solutions to meet their needs.

We make the process clear and easy.

You'll have personalized support from industry experts who will simplify the process and give you flexible move-out options. No repairs, showings, or uncertainty.

We are truthful and transparent.

Give your client peace of mind with an all-cash offer that you can count on. We execute your contract as promised.

Get an all cash offer on your home.

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