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Relieve your financial stress in one step!

Wedgewood Homes buys homes with liens, tax, or repayment issues.

Are you feeling stressed about money?

If you’re feeling stressed about money, you aren’t the only one. According to a 2021 survey by CreditWise, 74% of Americans rank finances as their number one stressor. For some, selling their largest asset - their home - can help turn those finances around. But what if you have additional financial stress linked to your home that makes it harder to sell?

Do you have a lien on your home? Do you have a foreclosure pending? Do you have missed tax payments?

Wedgewood Homes will provide you with an all-cash offer helping to empower you to get out of difficult financial situations and help negotiate with the parties involved.

Challenges of Financial Stress

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Did you default on a loan, owe money in a settlement, or miss tax bills, and now have a lien on your property? Unfortunately, this will show on a title search and might stop a sale. We buy homes with liens, meaning you can get your finances back on track.

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Are you in the process of foreclosure? Soon, your family home could be owned by the bank. We’ve worked with banks to stop foreclosures and make the purchase before it’s too late.

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Maintenance issues might be piling up, making it difficult to get your property “for sale” ready. When you sell to us, we buy as-is. No renovations, staging, or upgrades are necessary.

Do you feel like you're out of options?

Wedgewood Homes can help!

We work with financially stressed homeowners who are looking for a solution and a new beginning. If you want relief from money issues and can’t sell traditionally, talk to the experts at Wedgewood Homes.

For nearly 40 years, we’ve worked with people just like you to resolve barriers prohibiting them from building a new life free of financial stress.

There are options. Now is your chance. Get an offer!


"Creates high-quality experience for buyers."


"Responsive, extremely knowledgeable."


"Better reputation & more respect than other investors."

We solve real estate problems.

Your situation is unique, and we specialize in finding creative solutions to meet your needs.


We make the process clear and easy.

You'll have personalized support from industry experts who will simplify the process and give you flexible move-out options. No repairs, showings, or uncertainty!


We are truthful and transparent.

You will have peace of mind with an all-cash offer that you can count on. We execute your contract as promised.

Get an all cash offer on your home.

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