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Bela Amarto

Home sold April 2024

Here’s How Wedgewood Homes And This Charleston Agent Helped Clients Facing Foreclosure

Here’s How Wedgewood Homes And This Charleston Agent Helped Clients Facing Foreclosure

With her clients facing the challenge of foreclosure, Wedgewood Homes helped North Charleston, South Carolina agent Bela Amarto provide unforgettable service.

Testimonial House

In real estate, there’s a saying you’ll see on contracts, contingencies, and offers: Time is of the essence. Real estate deals are complex, and their timelines are often tight. However, South Carolina agent Bela Amarto recently found herself working with an unusually small window of opportunity to help a North Charleston family facing foreclosure.

Fortunately, Bela was able to turn to Wedgewood Homes to create a plan that allowed her clients to save their home from foreclosure and also “salvage a little bit of savings as well,” she said. When timing is everything, you can trust Wedgewood Homes to handle all of the details, even under a time crunch.

“They were running out of time”

Bela’s clients were struggling to make their mortgage payments and falling further and further behind. They had listed their home on the MLS, hoping that a timely traditional sale would help them avoid foreclosure.

However, the same financial difficulties that had made it hard for the homeowners to keep up with their monthly payments had also meant deferred maintenance and less money for updates and upgrades designed to appeal to buyers in their market. Long story short, their home needed some work, making it less appealing to buyers who were looking for a move-in-ready purchase.

In addition, the homeowners needed to find a buyer who was ready to move forward with a deal — and close quickly. That meant a cash offer. By this point, the home was scheduled for auction within days. That’s when Wedgewood Homes stepped in.

“Wedgewood Homes saved [my clients] from foreclosure and they were able to pull the home from the auction. Wedgewood was able to provide a contract and send earnest money quickly,” Bela said.

In the meantime, Bela was able to speak to the judge and attorney and pull the North Charleston home from the auction floor.

“The timing of the offer was perfect,” she said. “Wedgewood was able to ratify the contract on a Friday and the sale was scheduled for that next Tuesday. It was a super tight window with lots of phone calls and jumping through hoops, but Wedgewood got it done!”

Working with Wedgewood Homes was a game-changer for Bela’s clients. “My sellers had been distraught, and they were extremely thankful that they were able to make the sale happen before going to foreclosure.”

Why work with Wedgewood Homes

Bela loves working with Wedgewood Homes and is thankful for the services they provide. “Every single person I work with at Wedgewood is awesome. They’re extremely responsive and make my job easier.” If she had to rate them, Bela said she’d give “11 out of 10 stars!”

Bela works throughout South Carolina’s Tristate region, and her favorite clients to work with are first-time home buyers. “They are always super thankful and excited. I love to see their smiles once they close on the house and have keys in hand,” she said.

“I love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else,” Bela said. I’m grateful to be able to help on the listings side and am looking forward to even more success with Wedgewood Homes in 2024!”

Not all listings are market-ready, either due to condition or financial factors, and listing agents need to be able to provide options for their clients. A cash offer from Wedgewood Homes provides an “easy and helpful” solution for the homeowners Bela works with. “There aren’t any inspections, repairs, contingencies, loans or appraisals needed in the transaction,” she said. “In this market, my clients are still able to be successful.”

Beyond the professional perks of working with Wedgewood Homes, Bela is able to support her community through her work with Wedgewood Homes. As a “huge animal lover,” Bela is always raising money and helping out at her local shelter. For every home she sells, she gives a $50 donation. This year, through her work with Wedgewood Homes, she was able to raise $1700 to help animals in need in her area.

“It’s another great cause that my work with Wedgewood allows me to support,” Bela said.

Agent | South Carolina, SC

Daniel Truelove

Home sold April 2024

Long-Distance Home Sale

Find Out How Wedgewood Homes and This South Carolina Agent Helped Streamline a Long-Distance Home Sale

When a Greenville, South Carolina, homeowner had to relocate for a new job, getting his home sold became an urgent necessity. Find out how Wedgewood Homes created a solution that saved thousands.

Testimonial House

You’ve just landed your dream job, complete with a move to a fun new town. Great news, right? While it’s exciting, an out-of-state job relocation comes with its own logistical challenges, including the question, “How — and how quickly — can I sell my current home?”

For Greenville real estate agent Daniel Truelove, helping his clients during an expensive relocation to Raleigh, North Carolina, meant figuring out how to get the home sold without making costly repairs. He turned to Wedgewood Homes to put together a deal that got his sellers to the closing table — and allowed them to focus on getting settled in their new hometown.

“The sellers were having a tough time covering two mortgages”

When Daniel Truelove’s seller clients moved out of state to Raleigh at the end of August, they were facing more than the normal challenges of relocating to a new home base. They had paid thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket moving expenses and were carrying the mortgage on two properties — one in Raleigh and one in Greenville.

“The [Greenville] house looked great on the outside and would have appraised around $300,000,” said Daniel, based on comparable properties in the market. However, there had been plumbing issues upstairs that had caused leaks — and damage. “Because the homeowners were no longer local, they weren’t able to get repairs done easily.”

Once potential buyers saw the unrepaired damage to the home’s interior, they no longer wanted to make an offer. Still, Daniel was going to the home to mow the lawn and do what he could to keep it ready to show at all times.

Next, the sellers purchased materials to renovate the home. They were planning to pay a contractor to do the work so that it could show well and sell. When they couldn’t get repairs scheduled on time and on their now-limited budget, they decided they’d just have to continue to drop the home’s price until someone, anyone, decided to buy it.

The logistics involved in facilitating documents and signatures for the home sale process, trying to keep the house in showing shape from a distance, making major repairs, and carrying the cost of two mortgages — along with two homeowners policies, two utility bills, and two property tax bills — were becoming more and more difficult.

Along came Wedgewood Homes with a cash offer

As a real estate agent, your job is to solve problems for your clients, offering them options and doing what’s best for them as a fiduciary partner. In this case, Daniel knew that he needed to find a solution that would help his clients get out from under their underperforming Greenville home.

Daniel knew about Wedgewood Homes’ cash offers and believed they’d be a good fit for his clients. Because there are no contingencies and nothing left to chance when working with Wedgewood Homes, Daniel and his clients were confident that the sale would be a “done deal.”

Working with Wedgewood Homes isn’t like working with local investors, Daniel said. “The speed of being able to close quickly and the guarantee that funds will be available” provides peace of mind for both Daniel and his clients.

“Wedgewood Homes’ promptness during the transaction — this was crucial for my clients because they wanted to get the home sold quickly. It was never difficult for us to get hold of someone when we had a question, and the process moved along quickly,” said Daniel.

Finally, Daniel’s clients were free to turn their attention to building their new life in Raleigh and leaving behind the stress of their move. Thanks to Daniel and Wedgewood Homes, they can now enjoy peace of mind and enjoy the excitement of settling into their new home.

Because he was able to get this deal done under adverse circumstances, Daniel made a big impression on his clients. “Their feedback was nothing but positive about the experience of working with both me and Wedgewood Homes.”

Agent | South Carolina, SC

Sohrab Sangha

Home sold April 2024

Find out how Wedgewood Homes helped this California agent sell one family’s fixer-upper

Find out how Wedgewood Homes helped this California agent sell one family’s fixer-upper.

Faced with the challenge of an off-market, probate sale in Union City, California, Wedgewood Homes’ reliability helped agent Sohrab Sangha provide his client with the perfect home-selling solution.

Testimonial House

Selling a home involves many steps, such as packing, decluttering, repairing, and pricing. Market trends can vary and change quickly and unpredictably, affecting the chances of finding a buyer. But what if the home is also part of a complicated probate sale and requires extensive renovations? That was the case for a Union City, California family when they reached out to Bay Area realtor Sohrab Sangha for help with selling their beloved property. Sohrab needed to find a solution to the family’s growing legal and practical challenges of selling their “fixer-upper” home as is, and that, in Sohrab’s words, “needed a ton of work.”

Sohrab turned to Wedgewood Homes to help him create a “done deal” that resolved a difficult situation. Having partnered with them to complete over 20 real estate transactions, Wedgewood Homes’ decades of experience and reliable expertise enabled Sohrab to transform a fraught scenario into a positive outcome for the overjoyed family, who had almost given up hope.

“Off-market was their only option.”

When a homeowner passes away, their home may need to go through a probate sale, which is a legal process that involves the court and the heirs of the deceased. A probate sale can be complex and lengthy, as it may face legal challenges, heightened emotions, and family disagreements surrounding the sale of a home with tremendous sentimental value for many people. A probate sale requires the court's approval and the consent of multiple heirs who may have different opinions or interests regarding the property. This can make the probate sale take longer and pose more challenges than a regular sale.

“This process took about a year and a half,” said Sohrab. “The owners specifically wanted a private sale. They didn’t want neighbors and other family members to know they were selling.”

In addition to the probate sale, the dilapidated home was a “fixer-upper” and required significant renovations. “Several family members wanted to fix the home themselves, but they didn’t have the funds. There were safety concerns with the property that would have made a lender flag it — no buyer would have received approval for a loan,” Sohrab said.

Sohrab and his team offered to connect the homeowners with a service that would provide the necessary funds to complete the renovations; however, the home would then need to be listed on the MLS, removing the possibility of a private sale. “Off-market was their only option,” said Sohrab, and it became clear that locating a suitable investor was his team’s best option for achieving a timely sale.

Wedgewood Homes Offers the Best Solution

Sohrab is no stranger to working with investors; he does so on 75 percent of his transactions. When he put out the details of the off-market listing to his local investor network, the sellers received nine offers — including one from Wedgewood Homes.

“Wedgewood Homes was the best offer they received,” Sohrab said. His clients wanted to sell their property as-is, and “they did not want to deal with the hassle of removing all of the belongings left in the home.” After completing the sales transaction, the sellers also wished to rent the home back, and Sohrab was happy to inform his clients that “Wedgewood Homes was able to make it happen.”

Sohrab’s clients chose Wedgewood Homes over the other eight offers because of the company’s successful experience with completing sales transactions, according to Sohrab. While smaller, less experienced investors may back out or fail to secure financing, Wedgewood Homes’ offer was “the most reliable. Wedgewood Homes always performs.” This means that home sellers – and their agents – can trust Wedgewood Homes to provide quick and convenient selling options for their homes.

Wedgewood Homes Remains Sohrab’s Top Choice

Sohrab has been living in the Bay Area for almost two decades, and his education and career have given him a keen interest in working with real estate investors and investment properties. He earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration and economics from Cal State, East Bay. He then joined a major international investment firm that managed $150 billion in private and institutional funds.

Sohrab utilizes his financial background and network of real estate experts, such as contractors, designers, and lawyers, to provide high-quality services and dependable results for his clients. Most of his deals involve investors, but Sohrab remains very satisfied to partner with Wedgewood Homes because they are trustworthy.

Sohrab said that partnering with Wedgewood Homes guarantees success because they are a leading company in the real estate industry. “There’s no reason the deal won’t get done. There are no cold feet because Wedgewood Homes is such a big player.”

Agent | California, CA

David F.

Home sold October 2023

Fast process and quick close

Wedgewood Homes made the selling process fast with a quick close! The entire team was easy to work with.

Homeowner | Allen, TX

Lisa T.

Home sold September 2023

Made it easy to sell our home

Wedgewood Homes made it so easy to sell our home! We went with Wedgewood Homes so that we could avoid showings and having people walk through our home. The team exceeded our expectations!

Homeowner | Sarasota, FL

Pat A.

Home sold September 2023

Very professional

Wedgewood Homes was very professional, and everyone I worked with over-delivered!

Homeowner | Laguna Niguel, CA

Laura C.

Home sold August 2023

Fair and best offer

Wedgewood Homes was wonderful to work with! The team was friendly, open, transparent, and available throughout the entire process. The offer Wedgewood Homes gave me for my home was fair and my best offer, significantly higher than comparable companies. I wouldn't hesitate to use Wedgewood Homes again or recommend them to friends.

Homeowner | Van Nuys, CA

Ken C.

Home sold July 2023

Outstanding professionalism and responsiveness

Simply put Wedgewood Homes gave me the best offer price compared to other well-known large direct buyers without the hassle of showings and the uncertainty of market conditions. But the icing on the cake was the outstanding professionalism, responsiveness, and pleasant disposition of the team helping me. They moved very quickly while providing reasonable accommodations for my personal circumstances. Selling my home to Wedgewood Homes was the best decision for me.

Homeowner | Tomball, TX

Marie G.

Home sold May 2023

Home sale exactly as explained

My home sale with Wedgewood Homes was very professionally handled. I especially appreciated the follow-through and the adherence to the deadlines they made! The whole experience was exactly as explained. Wedgewood Homes was able to handle the little details that were becoming a challenge for my father's heirs: getting rid of a broken hot tub, handling calling the junk guy, taking care of the furniture we left behind, and boxing up the dishes. Also, no inspection needed, which was huge as we had no idea the state of the house, and were afraid to find out it was possibly un-sellable. The entire Wedgewood Homes team over-delivered on my expectations when selling our inherited home!

Homeowner | Canyon Lake, CA

Kellsie T.

Home sold April 2023

Fair cash offer

I had a wonderful and seamless experience working with Wedgewood Homes! I sold to Wedgewood Homes because of their fair cash offer and everyone was great.

Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ

Brandon M J.

Home sold November 2022

Transparent, honest and thoughtful

Wedgewood Homes was a breeze to work with. With larger investment companies you can almost expect them to lower their offer for minor details or have hidden fees, but that has been the opposite of my experience with Wedgewood Homes. They were easy to communicate and work with and were incredibly transparent, honest, and thoughtful in my dealings with them. In working with several team members, it is clear to me that the company operates at a higher level of excellence and ethics than other investment companies I've come in contact with. Wedgewood Homes values me and my expertise as an agent and actually implemented changes based on the guidance given in collaboration with the experienced real estate professionals on their team. Working with Wedgewood Homes was overall a collaborative effort. Their professionalism is the reason the sale went so smoothly, and the team’s communication and kind demeanors stood out above most in this industry.

Agent | Lakeland, FL

Danica D J.

Home sold October 2022

Honest, informative, and upfront

I had never had to sell a home before but was tasked with selling a rental property for my aging father, who can no longer drive and manage it. Given that I live out of state and my father is very hard of hearing and doesn't speak good English, this would otherwise have been a tumultuous task. I have to say, with all honesty, working with Wedgewood Homes was an extremely easy and seamless process. From the beginning, the entire team was open, honest, informative, and upfront. All my questions were answered, communication was consistent the whole time, and the process took less than a week to complete with absolutely no surprises. They also went above and beyond to ensure that I felt secure and taken care of, truly alleviating something that would have otherwise been a challenging burden given my circumstances. I base my business on recommendations, and this company was recommended to me by a trustworthy friend. I would also highly recommend this company. I am beyond satisfied!

Homeowner | Banning, CA

Amanda A.

Home sold October 2022

Friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful

Everyone I worked with at Wedgewood Homes was friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. Wedgewood Homes were willing to work with me on my complicated property and made a reasonable offer that I could not refuse. My local acquisitions manager was amazing to work with. She was available and responsive every time I had questions. She even worked late hours to ensure I was helped along the process. The experience was above and beyond my expectations. The team proved loyal to me as a customer. Wedgewood Homes handled every conversation and situation so that my sole focus could be moving my family...not worrying about selling my home! Wedgewood Homes made me feel I had a trustworthy and experienced ally during this transaction. As a single mother handling this home sale, I truly appreciated the secure feeling they provided. Wedgewood Homes was extremely responsive, professional, honest, and easy to work with.

Homeowner | Wildomar, CA

Alexander M.

Home sold September 2022

Smooth, quick, and easy

Initially, we had a difficult time selling our home. We tried to do a traditional sale, and although we had a buyer within a month of listing our property, the sale fell through. Unlike some homeowners, we were in a bind as we were moving overseas and only had 28 days before our flight!
It was wonderful working with Wedgewood Homes! The whole process was smooth, quick, and easy and was completed in 8 days! The team was available when we needed it and spent over an hour explaining everything we needed to know and answering our questions. They were very responsive to our needs, and Wedgewood Homes gave us the best offer for us compared to the others. We were thrilled with no fees, contingencies, or repairs required. The team worked with us until closing and followed up frequently to ensure the process was completed. An overall great experience!
Selling our home to Wedgewood Homes was the best decision we made. We still can’t believe our good fortune and appreciate the opportunity that Wedgewood Homes gave us. We highly recommend Wedgewood Homes to anyone interested in selling their property.

Homeowner | Las Vegas, NV

Charles W.

Home sold July 2022

Flexible and fair offer

Wedgewood Homes was honest, direct, and forthcoming. The entire experience felt first class with a flexible and fair offer. Each interaction I had with the team was satisfying and they over-delivered!

Homeowner | Ooltewah, TN

Ashley D.

Home sold July 2022

Professional, caring, and honest

When people think of selling a home they usually think their only options are by owner or by a realtor, but Wedgewood Homes changes the game completely! They made it so simple, easy, and hassle-free. Everyone we worked with was professional, caring, and honest. The process was fast with a simple home inspection, and the offer came in shortly after that. We were also able to choose a closing date that worked for us. We recommend selling to Wedgewood Homes, especially in today’s competitive market. It is the perfect stress-free way to sell your home and begin a new adventure!

Homeowner | Pocatello, ID

Diane L.

Home sold May 2022

Beat all the others

I would highly recommend contacting Wedgewood Homes if you are thinking about selling your home. I have never had a more simple real estate transaction. Their offer beat all of the others and they were professional and transparent. The local team was a dream to work with! This could not have been easier, thank you so much!

Homeowner | Reno, NV

Patrick G.

Home sold May 2022

Got us the price we needed

I loved working with Wedgewood Homes! They were able to get us the price we needed which was a huge help in allowing me to quickly move across the country for my new job. They created a flexible move-out plan that allowed my wife and son to stay and finish his kindergarten year in the same school with his friends. The team was great at explaining the process and making sure everything got done efficiently and on time. We really appreciated their effort in helping us sell quickly!

Homeowner | Lebanon, OR

Jessica M.

Home sold May 2022

Completely stress-free move

10/10 recommend! Simple yet professional process! You work directly with Wedgewood Homes as they guide you through the whole process! First, they call you to set up a walk-through showing of your home/property. Then they give you a cash offer within 24 hours (ours was there an hour later!) They purchase your home as-is with no fees and no showings. We were able to choose our own closing date, and Wedgewood Homes allowed us to stay in our home a couple of extra days (although they offered us even longer), so we could finish moving across the country. This was a perfectly ideal situation for us (last minute with no plans to move until we received news of a new job transfer). The team was professional, kind, and on top of it, as well as kind and courteous during the walkthrough!! They literally made a very stressful situation into an almost completely stress-free move! Thank you Wedgewood Homes and your team!

Homeowner | Pocatello, ID

Lee C.

Home sold April 2022

Seamless selling process

I decided to sell to Wedgewood homes as I had a previous great experience when I purchased a home from them! The selling process has been seamless, and the team was flexible and had excellent communication in getting me a fair and generous offer. Wedgewood Homes stood out for being responsive and easy to work with to find a solution that worked for me!

Homeowner | Cumming, GA

Nyree C.

Home sold April 2022

Great price and quick process

We had a delicate situation that was very time sensitive and the Wedgewood Homes team went above and beyond for our family to make sure we had a great price and moved through the process as quickly as possible. The team was easily accessible for our sensitive timeline! Wedgewood Homes was beyond professional and the team even jumped on a quick video call to walk us through our paperwork and make sure we understood what we were signing. They were PHENOMENAL. Wedgewood Homes was an amazing resource for the situation we were in and the entire team was accommodating and helpful in all parts of the process.

Homeowner | Rialto, CA

Valerie L.

Home sold March 2022

Experienced and reputable

I want to commend Wedgewood Homes on their professionalism and willingness to work with me in making the quick sale of my home possible! In addition, I am thrilled with the flexibility for me to stay an additional 30 days after the sale to transition to a new place. The process, from start to finish, was less stressful knowing that I've entrusted the process with a company that is experienced and reputable. The team was great to work with and went above and beyond to meet my needs. I would recommend Wedgewood Homes to those who are looking to quickly sell their home. Thanks very much!

Homeowner | Rio Rancho, NM

David H.

Home sold March 2022

Highly recommended

It truly was a pleasure working with you and your team. I will recommend Wedgewood Homes to anyone I know that needs to get out of a home, without the hassle.

Homeowner | Silver Springs, NV

Pam M.

Home sold February 2022

Creativity and flexibility

Wedgewood Homes was a pleasure to work with during the emotional time of selling our childhood home. They were easy to work with and made the process easy to navigate. Our situation was more complicated than most however the team was there every day helping to work through the issues and removing roadblocks. They were incredibly professional in all aspects of the transaction. The price was fair and the creativity and flexibility they exhibited in resolving issues shows how they deliver on their commitment to excellent customer satisfaction. The team gets 5/5 stars. I would recommend them to anyone and work with them again in the future!

Homeowner | Tracy, CA

Tara C.

Home sold January 2022

Favorite team in the business

The Wedgewood Homes team has been super helpful! They are communicative, personable, timely, and extremely enjoyable to work with!! Easily one of my favorite teams in the business! Working with Wedgewood Homes is also easier and more seamless than working with consumer buyers currently. They stand out and over-deliver every time!

Agent | Garland, TX

Fernando F.

Home sold January 2022

Ethical and professional

I began partnering with Wedgewood Homes after being referred to them from another agent. The Wedgewood Homes team has been nothing but amazing, ethical, professional and nice to me. They have been amazing to work with!

AGENT | San Antonio, TX

Jodi H.

Home sold January 2022

Proud to represent Wedgewood Homes

Wonderful team and excellent communication. Always proud to represent Wedgewood Homes! Love working with the team and seeing the pride that the team puts into put into the properties.

AGENT | Scottsdale, AZ

Josh F.

Home sold December 2021

Customer service unparalleled

Working with Wedgewood Homes has been a wonderful opportunity! The entire team goes above and beyond to ensure all aspects of the transaction go smoothly. The renovations are top notch and the customer service is unparalleled. Everyone I’ve worked with has over-delivered on all expectations and I look forward to the opportunity to continue working with Wedgewood Homes in the future!

AGENT | Charlotte, NC

Jason G.

Home sold December 2021

Ease and transparency

Wedgewood Homes offered a smooth transaction and negotiated to a fair price, which included all my seller closing costs and did not slip in any fees, service charges, or asks. The team was very communicative throughout the process. They offered flexible solutions, making the process even easier for me as the seller. Wedgewood Homes was great to work with due to their ease, transparency, willingness to negotiate, and ability to offer me a leaseback.

Homeowner | Surprise, AZ

Jim D.

Home sold November 2021

Helped us continue our journey

Thank you to everyone at Wedgewood Homes for helping us continue our journey. Working with the team has been amazing and it was a pleasure getting to know everyone!

Homeowner | Kuna, ID

Armando D.

Home sold October 2021

Most smooth and professional transaction

Thank you to Wedgewood Homes for making this transaction as smooth as possible. In my 20 years in real estate, this has been the most smooth and professional transaction of all. Thank you to the entire team!

Real Estate Professional | Santa Ana, CA

Christine H.

Home sold October 2021

With me every step of the way

Selling to Wedgewood Homes was the best experience I’ve ever had. Wedgewood Homes was with me every step of the way. I have never had such a great experience and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Homeowner | Carson City, NV

Laura D.

Home sold October 2021

Unrivaled experience

It is a true privilege to work with Wedgewood Homes. From their flawless designs, impeccable renovations, and top-notch professionalism, the entire process is 100% seamless for a home buyer, and invaluable to the agent representing them. Wedgewood Homes provides an unrivaled experience for home sellers, where they can expect an all-cash, and absolutely seamless transaction at lightning speed.   Working with Wedgewood Homes has been explosive for my business growth. Since partnering with Wedgewood Homes, I have experienced nearly a 40% increase in sales volume.

AGENT | Ventura, CA

Gil T.

Home sold October 2021

One of the best decisions

Wedgewood Homes loves to work with sellers and agents who need a solution for selling their homes quickly with very little time, money, or work required from the seller. Wedgewood Homes offers all cash, non-continent offers and allows the seller to choose a close date that's convenient for them, even as quick as five days! Working with Wedgewood Homes has increased my business and production by 50%! Working with them has been one of the best decisions and long-term relationships I've had in my professional career. Wedgewood Homes offers supreme details, beautiful upgrades, and quality renovations in each home they transform. Every home buying family confidently walks into a well-cared-for home.

AGENT | Sacramento, CA

Debra T.

Home sold August 2021

Easy to work with

Wedgewood Homes was so easy to work with! Everyone was professional and responsive. I was very impressed with every process of the transaction!

AGENT | Phoenix, AZ

Nick E.

Home sold April 2021

Highly recommend this company

Wedgewood Homes is amazing to deal with and an amazing company in general. It's obvious they have been doing this a while. Much respect for them and their process. I am very happy to work with Wedgewood Homes and highly recommend this company!

Real Estate Professional | San Diego, CA

Amy C.

Home sold April 2021

Smooth and painless

This was the most smooth and painless house sale I've ever been involved in. Wedgewood Homes offered the best price for me on my mother's run-down old house. The team did everything they said they would in the time frame expected! 

Homeowner | Oak Harbor, WA

Michelle O.

Home sold March 2021

Nothing but positive

I interviewed approximately 12 companies prior to selling my home. Wedgewood Homes was the best option for me as they were honest, forthcoming, and trustworthy. Unlike the others, Wedgewood Homes did not denigrate the condition of my home and use that to reduce the offer. My experience with Wedgewood Homes was nothing but positive. The all-cash transaction was completed within 10 days with absolutely no issues. I highly recommend using Wedgewood Homes to anyone who wants to sell their home. Wedgewood Homes will cover all fees, commissions, and closing costs! Don't waste your time with the others--just call Wedgewood Homes for a cash offer!

Homeowner | Graham, WA

Greg S.

Home sold February 2021

The perfect offer

Wedgewood Homes could not have been more professional –it all started with the perfect offer. We literally could not NOT sign! Truly walk-on-water Buyer's representation in an impossible market. The team wrote a perfect offer against heavy competition.

AGENT | Peoria, AZ

Steven P.

Home sold February 2021

The best solution

Extremely easy process. Their team was upfront and honest and followed through on what they said. Simple real estate contract with favorable terms for me, the seller, and we closed in just 14 days! The best solution as I did not have to list, go through multiple open houses, buyers backing out of the sale, and missed deadlines!


Keith S.

Home sold February 2021

No team I trust more

There is no team I trust more than Wedgewood Homes! For over 8 years now, they have helped me with all cash, quick closes that my clients can rely on which results in more trust, referrals, and business. They are easy to work with, friendly, and treat you with respect. Working with them has been a pleasure all around. When you see what it is like working with a team like Wedgewood Homes, you will not waste your time working with anyone else!

AGENT | Beverly Hills, CA

Vidal A.

Home sold December 2020

Integrity and communication

I love Wedgewood Homes’ integrity and communication.  My business model fit right in with what you accomplish and the product you deliver is amazing. Everyone was great to work with and this is the hardest working team I have ever seen! 

AGENT | El Paso, TX

Scott P.

Home sold December 2020

Outstanding job

The experience was quick, seamless, and efficient! Wedgewood Homes got me the best price and the team did an outstanding job. 

Homeowner | Maricopa, AZ

Alexa A.

Home sold November 2020

Quality experience

From selecting great neighborhoods to reimagining homes, Wedgewood Homes creates high quality experiences for buyers. I work with Wedgewood Homes because they stand by the quality of their work and always show integrity and fairness in all of their transactions. 

AGENT | Dallas, TX

Dennis S.

Home sold October 2020

Blew away competitors

Really good experience! A very fair offer and super quick transaction. Blew away your competitors with the service, offer and speed. I received offers from Open Door, Zillow, Offerpad and even local flippers. Wedgewood Homes gave a great offer without the hidden fees that other companies often add to make you think that their offer is higher than it actually is. 


Jason H.

Home sold October 2020

Realtor-friendly, first-rate process

Your acquisition process is first-rate. The timeline for execution in this market requires efficient processes, talented team members, and accurate market knowledge, and I found Wedgewood Homes to be top-notch. The coordination of the acquisition phase was very efficient, despite there being many internal steps that must take place.  The team’s market insight and investing strategy, I believe, serve your company well.  Everyone was very easy to work with. Their processes are super low-maintenance, realtor-friendly, and have a great track record of performance. 


James H.

Home sold October 2020

All expectations surpassed

It has certainly been a pleasure working with the Wedgewood Homes team and I look forward to doing it again! They met all deadlines with room to spare and were always on top of the ball from start to finish. All expectations were surpassed, to say the least. I decided to work with Wedgewood Homes due to the skill sets they are able to provide, the overall diversity and quality I have seen in their projects, as well as the sheer length of time they have been operating as a successful real estate investment firm.


Braden G.

Home sold October 2020

Top notch, hardworking, conscientious

Everyone I've worked with is top notch, hardworking, and conscientious. They do things right and quickly. Love it. I see a great future in continuing to work with Wedgewood Homes. All of my expectations were met and the team has been great to work with, quick to reply, and get things done.


Paige H.

Home sold September 2020

Responsive, extremely knowledgeable!

I have nothing but positive things to say about the entire team. The team is always on top of everything, attentive, responsive, and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to pricing, market insight and just knowing what will and won't work. The entire team behind the scenes working on coordination and documents is timely and organized. It's truly a pleasure to work with Wedgewood Homes. 


Bailey P.

Home sold September 2020

Wonderful to work with!

The experience has been amazing! The team has been responsive, dedicated and wonderful to work with. Everyone I worked with has been a great communicator, always on it, driven and always looking for creative solutions to make deals happen. I loved that Wedgewood Homes was fast-paced, creative and I truly enjoy working with everyone I've met.


Kimberly K.

Home sold August 2020

Did not disappoint!

Amazing experience! Everybody on the team was extremely helpful and always available. I found Wedgewood Homes through a personal referral and I have never been disappointed.


Denise M.

Home sold June 2020

Gets the job done!

I have been working with Wedgewood Homes for the last 6 years and it has been a great experience. I feel as though I am part of the family. The team is always readily available, very conscientious, and willing to do what it takes to get the job done.


John N.

Home sold June 2020

Responsive and dependable

The experience with Wedgewood Homes was great! Everyone was very responsive and quick to get the offers out. Wedgewood Homes proved to be very dependable and delivered on all expectations. Perfect for anyone who needs to sell house for cash.


Clay L.

Home sold May 2020

Extremely trustworthy

Wedgewood Homes has great customer service and is extremely trustworthy. Everyone I worked with was great and they went above and beyond my expectations! 

AGENT | San Antonio, TX

Sotta H.

Home sold January 2020

Best home selling experience ever!

Working with Wedgewood Homes was so seamless and easy.  From their review of the house, to price, to signing the contract and all the way through the end; it was clear this wasn't their first rodeo.  It was important to me to find a reputable company who would be able to handle this quickly and accurately being that my rental property for sale was out of state.  Everyone I was in touch with was professional and extremely knowledgeable.  This was the best home selling experience I've ever had, and in the fastest time frame too.