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Are you tired of your rental property?

Sell your rental property quickly with Wedgewood Homes!

Why sell your rental property to Wedgewood Homes?

Managing your rental property can feel overwhelming. Tenant calls for emergency service, turnovers, and vacancies are all part of the job. But maybe you don’t want that job anymore. Are you ready for a more carefree life? No more surprise issues, problem tenants, or 24/7 work. Sell your rental property to Wedgewood Homes.

  • Request an offer.
  • We schedule an inspection - virtually or in person.
  • You get an all-cash offer.

If you’re ready to move on from a rental property, connect with us to start today!

Is Your Rental Property Too Much Work?

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Rental properties out of state can be hard to manage, and selling can be even harder. Showings, inspections, and appraisals can require costly and time-consuming trips back and forth. But selling to Wedgewood Homes means you can sell remotely.

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When you have a rental property, turnovers can be difficult. Showings, repairs, onboarding tenants, and move-out inspections are time-consuming and costly. You are done with that part of your life and ready for a less stressful life.

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A tenant stopped paying or started breaking the rules in your lease agreement. Evictions are time-consuming, and costly, and don’t guarantee you get the money you’re owed.

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You have multiple rental homes but no streamlined way to get payments. You get checks mailed, or cash dropped off, and you’re losing track of your finances.

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Your HOA or local government changed the rules on short-term rentals, and your AirBNB can no longer be used as a vacation rental.

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The dreaded unexpected call from a tenant has happened for the last time. You’re tired of calls for repairs or maintenance, and it’s time to sell.

About Wedgewood Homes

Wedgewood Homes makes selling your property easy. Whether your rental property is vacant and hurting you financially, or you’re tired of managing your rental properties - we can help.

Are you ready to cash out the equity you’ve earned from all of those years as a landlord? Get started with an all-cash offer from Wedgewood Homes.


"Creates high-quality experience for buyers."


"Responsive, extremely knowledgeable."


"Better reputation & more respect than other investors."

We solve real estate problems.

Your situation is unique, and we specialize in finding creative solutions to meet your needs.


We make the process clear and easy.

You'll have personalized support from industry experts who will simplify the process and give you flexible move-out options. No repairs, showings, or uncertainty!


We are truthful and transparent.

You will have peace of mind with an all-cash offer that you can count on. We execute your contract as promised.

Get an all cash offer on your rental property.

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