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Wedgewood Homes Expands to North Carolina

Wedgewood Homes Expands to North Carolina

Wedgewood Homes

December 2021

Wedgewood Homes Expands to North Carolina

Partnering with Real Estate Talent to Buy and Sell Homes in 730 Cities

Realtors in North Carolina are partnering with Wedgewood Homes to sell the “unsellable” homes together.

We are excited to add North Carolina to the list of states we serve to revitalize communities and bring homeowners back to formerly neglected neighborhoods.

Wedgewood Homes came from the heart of Greg Geiser, founder of Wedgewood. His passion for revitalizing communities and bringing them back to life led to the establishment of his business. It started in California and has expanded to twenty states over the past 35 years. Now, we’re adding North Carolina to the ever-growing list.

How will Wedgewood Homes serve North Carolina’s Real Estate Market?

Like the rest of America, the real estate market is up in North Carolina. Appreciation in the past year is up 12.51%, but not everyone is experiencing a positive outcome from the market.

For some, this market means they can’t buy a home in their desired community. For others, even though most houses are selling quickly, their house just seems to sit on the market. There are many reasons this can happen. The homeowner might have deferred maintenance for too long, and now it’s out of control. Or, they need to sell quickly because of a move or financial issue. No matter the case, Wedgewood Homes solves both of these problems.

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The Wedgewood Homes Process

Talented Real Estate agents partner with Wedgewood Homes to sell homes with deferred maintenance, outdated design, liens, quick turnarounds, and other problems to provide a simple sale for the homeowner and a profit for the realtor.

  • 1

    The homeowner gets an offer: We have a local pro visit the home, and within 24 hours you receive an accurate, as-is offer.
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    The homeowner closes: If the homeowner accepts the offer, you get a commission, and the renovation begins.
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    We renovate the home: Our specialized design team reimagines a new design for the home and our local contractors get to work.
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    The home goes back on the market: You re-list the refreshed home and get a second commission.

Wedgewood Homes and North Carolina Real Estate Professionals

North Carolina is ready for a new solution. With an onslaught of communities ready for revitalization and incoming homeowners, Wedgewood Homes is excited to serve this community. Through our goal of bringing new life to neglected neighborhoods, these communities also see economic growth and better lives for the people who live in them.

“Working with Wedgewood Homes has been a wonderful opportunity! The entire team goes above and beyond to ensure all aspects of the transaction go smoothly. The renovations are top notch and the customer service is unparalleled. Everyone I’ve worked with has over-delivered on all expectations and I look forward to the opportunity to continue working with Wedgewood Homes in the future!”

Josh Fretz | Charlotte, NC

We are looking forward to partnering with local real estate talent. If you are interested in partnering with us, learn more about how we support you here.

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